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30Plus Big Slider Float - 10g
For when you want to suspend bigger baits. Tip colour may vary..
30Plus Colorado Spinner Bait - 17g
30Plus spinner baits are irresistible to pike and are available in a range of assorted colours. Set ..
30Plus Pike Power Lure & Spinner Links
These strong secure links facilitate quick interchangeability of lures, with their easy clip-on desi..
30Plus Pike Rig Swivels
High tensile strength matte-black size 8 pike rig swivels, with a high 59lb (27kg) breaking strain. ..
30Plus Predator Deadbait Sticks
When inserted into deadbaits, these high-buoyancy sticks will make them sit up on bottom, making you..
30Plus Sunken Float
Two different diameter floats in each blister packet...
30Plus Vision Slider Float - 10g
Fully tubed down the centre, to allow a fully sliding rig set-up. Made using high buoyancy balsa. Ti..
30Plus Willow Spinner Bait - 16g
30Plus spinner baits are irresistible to pike and are available in a range of assorted colours. Set ..
30Plus X-Strong Pike Treble Hooks: Barbed - Size 8
These X-Strong trebles hooks from are produced from high tensile strength 110 carbon, which means th..
Fox Ball Bob 32mm Medium
A universal float, very popular and versatile. Cylindrical 'bobber', primarily used for roving liveb..
Fox Fluted Slider 12g
Designed primarily with running water in mind, these fluted floats feature a unique tri-fin design w..
Fox In-Line Troller Float
Unique design trolling float that incorporates a shaped tube through the centre that locks the float..
Fox Kwik Change Deadbait Uni Trace
Featuring Fox Series 2XS treble and Series 1 single hook, this trace is particularly suited for sink..
Fox Kwik Change Egg Sinkers
The unique design of these egg sinkers which feature a finely machined side slot, allows the weight ..
Fox Kwik Change One Treble Trace
A simple to use ready to go one treble trace wire. Made from carbo flex wire using a Fox 2XS carbon ..
Fox Kwik Change Paternoster Trace
Professionally hand made twin treble trace manufactured from 30lb Carbo Flex Stainless Steel Wire, i..
Fox Kwik Change Twin Treble Trace
Fox Predator Kwik Change Twin Treble Professionally handmade trace manufactured from 30lb Carbo Flex..
Fox Livebait Slider 12g
Dumpy pear shape with the main buoyancy above the water to provide extra support for roving livebait..
Fox Paternoster Sunk Float
Pear shaped float designed to be used in conjunction with a sunk float paternoster rig which tethers..
Fox Predator Rigging Wire - 5m
Use in conjunction with bait poppers to make deadbaits buoyant in a variety of presentations. Soft a..
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