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30Plus Pike Power Lure & Spinner Links
These strong secure links facilitate quick interchangeability of lures. with their easy clip-on desi..
30Plus Pike Rig Swivels
High tensile strength matte-black size 8 pike rig swivels. with a high 59lb (27kg) breaking strain. ..
30Plus Predator Deadbait Sticks
When inserted into deadbaits. these high-buoyancy sticks will make them sit up on bottom. making you..
Fox Kwik Change Egg Sinkers
The unique design of these egg sinkers which feature a finely machined side slot. allows the weight ..
Fox Predator Rigging Wire - 5m
Use in conjunction with bait poppers to make deadbaits buoyant in a variety of presentations. Soft a..
Fox Stubby Sinkers
Kodex Rig & Lure Fin Attractor
Rubberised. bright red. flexible fins that can be easily pierced and attached to the treble hooks on..
Kodex Seven Strand Wire - 20lb
Ultra-fine yet super strong and supple pike trace material. This trace wire is braided from seven fi..
Kodex Slim Rig Crimps
Quality copper sleeves to make trace wire rig-making easy! They are a matte-black soft copper, with ..
Zebco Hook Sharpener
Sharpening stone for hooks..
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