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Preston Innovations Bullet Feeder
Wired cage feeder designed for distance fishing with a shaped weight which allows the bait to releas..
Preston Innovations Wire Cage Feeder
Wired cage feeders with the weight moulded into the wire cage which stops potential tangles and allo..
Anchor CAMO Shot 4 Division Dispenser
Double-Cut Camo Coated Shot Dispenser containing sizes SSG, SA, AAA, AB ..
Anchor Lead Styles 6 Division Dispenser - Small Sizes
Lead Styles in a 6 division dispenser, Sizes: 7 (0,01g), 8 (0,02g), 9 (0,03g), 10 (0,04g), 11 (0,05g..
Anchor Non-Toxic Styles 6 Division Dispenser - Large Sizes
Non-Toxic Styles in a 6 division dispenser, Sizes: 11 (0,05g), 14 (0,1g), 16 (0,15g), 18 (0,2g), 19 ..
Drennan AS1 Carp & F1 Pole Rig
These readymade pole rigs are hand tied and constructed to Alan Scotthorne's precise specifications,..
Drennan AS4 Margin Carp Pole Rig
These readymade pole rigs are hand tied and constructed to Alan Scotthorne's precise specifications,..
Drennan Band Puller
The handy tool enables you to securely mount baits such as expander pellets, meat, sweetcorn and dri..
Drennan Bungee Connectors - Large
The combination of a semi-flexible bulbous bead and a tough nylon cone for attachment provides the i..
Drennan Carp Pole Float Silicone
Carp Pole Float Silicone consists of three special sizes of silicone tubing for pole floats with lar..
Drennan Elastic Connectors
Pole Elastic Connectors have a unique locking sleeve to ensure the rig cannot come off during fishin..
Drennan Extra Fine Pole Float Silicone
Extra Fine Pole Float Tube consists of three extra-fine diameters of silicone tubing for pole floats..
Drennan Leger Stops - Standard
Leger Stops are made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused. Simply pass the l..
Drennan Pole Anchors
Soft Stretch Anchors have extra long-life durability, retain their elasticity and have a special sof..
Drennan Pole Float Sight Sleeves
Pole Float Sight Sleeves allow a change of tip colour to your pole float without the need to change ..
Drennan Pushstop Drill
Produces the ideal size in a hook bait, which allows a Pushstop to go through without splitting the ..
Drennan Pushstop Pusher
The tapered point makes it quick and easy to drive through soft baits such as expanders, meat and sw..
Drennan Quiver Rest
The classic design Quiver Rest is absolutely ideal for quiver-tipping on rivers and stillwaters. Man..
Kamasan Animal Hooks
Kamasan Animal Hooks are the ideal big fish and bagging up hook for carp, barbel, tench and chub etc..
Kamasan B510 Spade End Crystal Barbless Hooks
With its classic crystal bend the B510 is an extremely safe shape for a barbless and provides a good..
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