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Kamasan Animal Hooks
Kamasan Animal Hooks are the ideal big fish and bagging up hook for carp, barbel, tench and chub etc..
Kamasan B510 Spade End Crystal Barbless Hooks
With its classic crystal bend the B510 is an extremely safe shape for a barbless and provides a good..
Kamasan B511 Spade End Wide Gape Whisker Barb Hooks
The B511 is made in a super high carbon fine wire in a nickel finish with a medium length shank and ..
Kamasan B525 Eyed Whisker Barb Hooks
Made from a strong guage carbon wire the B525 has a minute whisker barb. An ideal maggot hook in the..
Kamasan B611 X Strong Spade End Wide Gape Barbless Hooks
With its special wide bend and gape the B611 is ideal for carp on the pole. Suitable for a wide rang..
Kamasan B711 X Strong Spade End Wide Gape Barbless Hooks
The B711 is contructed from an extra stong carbon wire in intermediate sizes. Being a dark bronze th..
Kamasan B911 Eyed Barbless Hooks
The special bend, wide drop gape and long curved point of the B911 keep fish losses to an absolute m..
Kamasan B911 F1 Spade End Barbless Hooks
This is a fine wire version of the classic B911 design which is absolutely perfect for silverfish, F..
Kamasan B911 Spade End Wide Gape Swept Point Barbless Hooks
The long curving swept point on the B911 provides a really good hook hold. This point in combination..
Kamasan B960 Stillwater Eyed Barbless Hooks
The Stillwater Barbless is the perfect hook for mixed fisheries.It is fine enough for smaller specie..
Kamasan B980 Specimen Eyed Barb Hooks
The ideal eyed specimen hook for a wide range of baits the B980 is produced from a medium guage of c..
Kamasan B981 Specimen Eyed Barbless Hooks
This classic specimen pattern is the barbless version of the B980. Produced in a medium guage high c..
Kamasan B982 X Strong Specimen Eyed Barb Hooks
For many years the B980 has been considered the ideal eyed specimen hook. The B982 shares the same c..
Middy 63-13 Finesse Carp Spade Hooks
A fine guage hook that is incredibly strong for the guage of carbon steel. Specification:, Teflo..
Middy Band 'Em Fast-Affix Tool
Simply press the base to open the prongs and stretch a band out to affix round pellets or other bait..
Middy Bread Punch Set
Middy's bread punch set with a new improved design. There are four popular head sizes in the one pac..
Middy Carp Bait Bands
Brown pellet colour bait bands for pellets from 6mm up to halibut size...
Middy English Float Rubbers
Various diameter silicone float rings/caps for fitting top and bottom floats on your line. 80 piece..
Middy Hair Bitz
A packet of mixed hair attachments for creating your own unique hooks to nylon or rigs. Includes; ba..
MIDDY Hi-Viz Original Solid Elastic
Hi-Viz solid elastic from Middy is extremely popular throughout Europe and is the choice of many of ..
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