Hook Length Storage

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Preston Innovations All Round Hooklength Retaining System
With pins at 7.5cm (3”), 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”) and 20cm (8”) the All Round system can hold hooklength..
Preston Innovations Hooklength Boxes
Store up to 10 different hook pattern/line diameter combinations in one hook box, each is stickered ..
Preston Innovations Hooklength Spool System
Offering a compact solution to storing various trace lengths the Hooklength Spool System provides th..
Preston Innovations Mag Store System Hooklength Boxes
The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage system and is available in three sizes to ac..
Preston Innovations Mag Store Sytem Rig Sticks
Spare magnetic Rig Sticks that fit directly into the Mag Store Systems. Having spares allows you to ..
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