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Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Boulb Top
'A' grade soft balsa, boulb top float for high visibility while retaining sensitvity. A short float ..
£1.89 £1.35
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Insert Top
Self-cocking, lightweight balsa, insertt float with a slim Hi-Viz tip to allow for more sensitive pr..
£1.89 £1.35
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Straight Top
Ideal for up-in-the-water fishing on commercials. Self-cocking, lightweight balsa, short float with ..
£1.89 £1.35
Middy Carp Bomb Insert
Loaded insert top crystal clear floats for distance fishing. Available in weight loadings of 2AAA, 3..
£1.99 £1.39
Middy Carp Bomb Waggler No.3 - Ld. 2SSG + 2BB
The ideal all-round straight waggler. They can be used on rivers but are perfect for use on carp lak..
£1.95 £1.35
Middy Grande Stonka
Designed for fishing at extreme distances with a vane on the antenna to assist casting. The tip rema..
£3.99 £2.79
Middy Karp Missile
Ideal for casting to islands or for deeper swims on carp lakes. Minimal shot is required down the li..
£1.70 £1.19
Middy Large Swivel Float Adaptor
These adaptors offer float interchangeability and also allow the float to cast better because of the..
£1.35 £0.95
Middy Loaded Carp Viz Dumpy
Dumpy crystal clear wagglers for carp lake fishing. With interchangeable tip colours or push-in star..
£1.95 £1.35
Middy Loaded Carp Viz Insert
A range of four crystal clear floats with interchangable colour tip facility that will also accommod..
£1.69 £1.19
Middy Loaded SL-5 Wagglers
These straight wagglers are crystal clear and the tip can be removed to reveal a cavity for an SL-5 ..
£1.75 £1.25
Middy Mugger Pellet Wagg
Designed for fishing up-in-the-water to a maximum depth of 30cm. This float allows you to present wh..
£1.50 £1.05
Middy Peacock Waggler
Fat peacock wagglers that are ideal for presenting pellet on commercials. Available in five sizes fr..
£1.50 £1.05
Middy Pellet Shorty Series 3
A range of twelve short dumpy wagglers for fishing the pellet in summer months. There are five diffe..
£1.50 £1.05
Middy Reacta Pellet Waggler
Reacta wagglers, do just that, they react brilliantly in the water. Ideal for fishing pellets on the..
£3.99 £2.79
Middy Small Swivel Float Adaptor
These adaptors offer float interchangeability and also allow the float to cast better because of the..
£1.35 £0.95
Middy Speccy Wagg
These unloaded wagglers are made from high buoyancy balsa wood and are ideal for chub-chucking on ri..
£1.65 £1.15
Middy Specimen Drift Combatter
The ideal float for tench and cap fishing on ponds/lakes. Four in the range 4BB,5BB,6BB and 7BB. Tip..
£1.60 £1.15
Middy Starlit Carp Dumpy
Short loaded crystal clear dumpy wagglers perfect for carp lake fishing. The coloured tip can be rem..
£1.65 £1.15
Middy Xtreme Pellet Waggler
Xtreme pellet wagglers are all hand-made in the UK and feature a Hi-Viz vane at the top which assist..
£1.99 £1.39
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