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Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Boulb Top
'A' grade soft balsa. boulb top float for high visibility while retaining sensitvity. A short float ..
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Insert Top
Self-cocking. lightweight balsa. insertt float with a slim Hi-Viz tip to allow for more sensitive pr..
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Straight Top
Ideal for up-in-the-water fishing on commercials. Self-cocking. lightweight balsa. short float with ..
Middy Carp Bomb Insert
Loaded insert top crystal clear floats for distance fishing. Available in weight loadings of 2AAA. 3..
Middy Carp Bomb Waggler No.3 - Ld. 2SSG + 2BB
The ideal all-round straight waggler. They can be used on rivers but are perfect for use on carp lak..
MIDDY Float Tube
An ideal protective storage tube for floats plus more, ideal for those who like to travel light. Not..
Middy Grande Stonka
Designed for fishing at extreme distances with a vane on the antenna to assist casting. The tip rema..
Middy Karp Missile
Ideal for casting to islands or for deeper swims on carp lakes. Minimal shot is required down the li..
Middy Large Swivel Float Adaptor
These adaptors offer float interchangeability and also allow the float to cast better because of the..
Middy Loaded Carp Viz Dumpy
Dumpy crystal clear wagglers for carp lake fishing. With interchangeable tip colours or push-in star..
Middy Loaded Carp Viz Insert
A range of four crystal clear floats with interchangable colour tip facility that will also accommod..
Middy Loaded SL-5 Wagglers
These straight wagglers are crystal clear and the tip can be removed to reveal a cavity for an SL-5 ..
Middy Mugger Pellet Wagg
Designed for fishing up-in-the-water to a maximum depth of 30cm. This float allows you to present wh..
Middy Peacock Waggler
Fat peacock wagglers that are ideal for presenting pellet on commercials. Available in five sizes fr..
Middy Pellet Shorty Series 3
A range of twelve short dumpy wagglers for fishing the pellet in summer months. There are five diffe..
Middy Reacta Pellet Waggler
Reacta wagglers. do just that. they react brilliantly in the water. Ideal for fishing pellets on the..
Middy Small Swivel Float Adaptor
These adaptors offer float interchangeability and also allow the float to cast better because of the..
Middy Speccy Wagg
These unloaded wagglers are made from high buoyancy balsa wood and are ideal for chub-chucking on ri..
Middy Specimen Drift Combatter
The ideal float for tench and cap fishing on ponds/lakes. Four in the range 4BB.5BB.6BB and 7BB. Tip..
Middy Starlit Carp Dumpy
Short loaded crystal clear dumpy wagglers perfect for carp lake fishing. The coloured tip can be rem..
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