Seat Box Accessories

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Preston Innovations Bowl & Hoop - Large
Groundbait bowl with rigid hoop with OffBox knuckle for attaching to seatbox or platform legs, Once ..
Preston Innovations Butt Rest
Designed to hold the rod butt securely whether fishing in either horizontal or vertical (due to the..
Preston Innovations Dutch Feeder Rod Rest
The short Dutch Feeder Rod Rest is 60cm long and has been designed to offer excellent flexibility wh..
Preston Innovations Free Flow Rod Rest
High-sided rod rest on a FIXANGLE mechanism featuring a deep line groove allowing direct contact wit..
Preston Innovations Locking Pins
Replacement locking peg set for all X Boxes..
Preston Innovations OffBox 36 Keepnet Arm
The OffBox 36 Keepnet Arm is a versatile and efficient way of attaching kepenets and accessories, T..
Preston Innovations Total Control Pole Rest
The Total Control Pole Rest secures to the back legs of your seatbox providing an invaluable ‘..
Preston Innovations Tube Rod Rest
The soft rubber tube insert and high sides hold your rod securely in place even in the windiest cond..
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