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Preston Innovations Distance Bomb
The classic ‘Arlesey’ bomb shape gives the lead a streamlined, weight,forward design to optimise cas..
Preston Innovations Flat Pear
With a sleek, flattened profile the classic pear has the ability to hold on marginal or island slope..
Preston Innovations In-line Match Cubes
As part of the Inter Change System the Inline Match Cubes allow the angler to alternate lead sizes w..
Preston Innovations Match Cube Leads
The Cube shaped design has been developed to target sloping lake beds and is particularly effective ..
Preston Innovations Method Feeder Flying Back Leads
When fishing up to islands and far bank features it can often be an advantage to pin down the line b..
Preston Innovations Shot Top Up
Preston Non-Toxic Shot is made from a soft dense alloy that is accurately calibrated for consistent ..
Preston Innovations Stotta
Developed to make the application of Stotz even easier. Designed to work with all sizes, the flat en..
Preston Innovations Stotz
Stotz are a hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work perfectly on fine ..
Preston Innovations Super Stotz
Super Stotz are designed to make your life easier when shotting heavier pole floats and fishing with..
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