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Sonubaits Ian Russell's Original Pop Ups
The ‘Originals' Pop Up range was two-years in development before their release. Based on a number of..
£6.49 £4.54
Sonubaits Ian Russell's Original Wafters
These two-tone wafters feature incredible carp catching flavours such as Indian Spice, along with ne..
£6.99 £4.89
Crafty Catcher Retro Range Dairy Cream Fudge Pop Up - 26mm
A creamy sweet milk protein and bird food bait with the benefit of brewer’s yeast, Betaine and the c..
£4.99 £3.49
Kodex Munchies - 125ml Tub
Munchies buoyant hook baits ooze colour to attract fish, when popped-up or fished on the surface. As..
£4.99 £3.49
Sonubaits Band'um Wafters
Band'um Wafters are a bait that has a buoyancy in between a bottom bait and a pop up, designed to co..
£4.99 £3.49
Sonubaits Mini Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets - Spicy Sausage
these Oozing Pellets are made with high levels of soluble ingredients, including flavours and colour..
£3.99 £2.79
Sonubaits Pellet O's - 8mm
Perfectly suited to feeder fishing lakes for carp and bream these high oil hookbaits make a great ta..
£1.99 £1.39
Sonubaits Semi-Buoyant Oozing Boilies – 8mm
Oozing Buoyant Boilies are filled with high leakage feeding stimulators which creates a mist of attr..
£4.99 £3.49
Van Den Eynde Black and Whites
Black Whites are perfect HookBaits for method feeder and pellet waggler tactics. They can be easily ..
£2.99 £2.10
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