Avid Carp

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Avid Carp Back Leads
Complete with adjustable clips. Available in: 0.5oz/14g 1.1oz/31g 1.5oz/43g..
£4.49 £3.15
Avid Carp Bait Screws
The new Avid Bait Screws have been designed to make changing your hookbaits fast, simple and effecti..
£3.49 £2.45
Avid Carp Baiting Tools
The Avid range of tools boast ergonomic handles that make them extremely easy to use, as well as a c..
£3.59 £2.50
Avid Carp BoBBin Bite Indicator Clear
Specially designed to maximise the amount of light that emits from the bobbin head in daylight or wh..
£8.99 £6.29
Avid Carp Braided Hook Link 15lb
The Captive Braided Hooklink is perfect for anglers requiring a super-supple hooklink. Due to the su..
£9.99 £6.99
Avid Carp Braided Hook Link 20lb
The Pin Down Hooklink material is the most supple Hooklink you will ever use. Favoured by Solid PVA ..
£9.99 £6.99
Avid Carp Camo Air Dry Bag - Medium
A popular size for shorter sessions. Keeps your bait dry and aerated with free flowing camo mesh. Pe..
£4.49 £3.15
Avid Carp Chod Beads
The Chod Rig is one of the most popular carp fishing presentations around and Avid Carp Chod Beads a..
£3.75 £2.65
Avid Carp Corn Stops
Corn-Stops will add a vibrant colour sighter to almost any rig even Pop-Ups attracting more are more..
£2.75 £1.95
Avid Carp Drop-Off Stems
A purpose made item that when used with an Avid Groove Lead produces the perfect drop-off setup, Dro..
£3.25 £2.29
Avid Carp Flat Clips
Basically a lead clip that houses a Speed Link, rather than a swivel, It's designed for use with qui..
£3.75 £2.65
Avid Carp Floating Maize Stops
Maize stops boast the same advantages as a Corn Stops but in a larger size. This offers increased bu..
£2.75 £1.95
Avid Carp Hook Shot Kit
The kits allow you to create the effective shot on the hook rig, Slide the eye on the stem onto your..
£3.99 £2.79
Avid Carp In-Line Run Beads
Designed so you can use a running in-line lead in conjunction with quick-change Speed Links to make ..
£3.25 £2.29
Avid Carp Lok Down 2 Rod Fixed Buzz Bar
The Lok Down bankware range offers the user a brand-new type of Cam system, stronger and more durabl..
£9.99 £6.99
Avid Carp Lok Down 3 Rod Fixed Buzz Bar
The Lok down 3 Rod fixed Buzz Bars are available in four different sizes; 9 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch a..
£12.99 £9.10
Avid Carp Lok Down Bank Stick
The Lok Down bankware range offers the user a brand-new type of Cam system, stronger and more durabl..
£8.99 £6.29
Avid Carp Lok Down Stage Stand
The Avid Carp Stage Stand works by piercing your chosen wooden platform with a tooth, or screw, loca..
£14.99 £10.49
Avid Carp Maggot Stops
Buoyant imitation bait with stems in two different sizes to suit the length of the hair on your rig...
£2.75 £1.95
Avid Carp Marker Elastic
A bespoke, slimline elastic designed specifically for marking your line. This way, you can fish to y..
£2.99 £2.10
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