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Middy 63-13 Finesse Carp Spade Hooks
A fine guage hook that is incredibly strong for the guage of carbon steel. Specification:, Teflo..
Middy Band 'Em Fast-Affix Tool
Simply press the base to open the prongs and stretch a band out to affix round pellets or other bait..
Middy Bread Punch Set
Middy's bread punch set with a new improved design. There are four popular head sizes in the one pac..
Middy Carp Bait Bands
Brown pellet colour bait bands for pellets from 6mm up to halibut size...
Middy English Float Rubbers
Various diameter silicone float rings/caps for fitting top and bottom floats on your line. 80 piece..
Middy Hair Bitz
A packet of mixed hair attachments for creating your own unique hooks to nylon or rigs. Includes; ba..
MIDDY Hi-Viz Original Solid Elastic
Hi-Viz solid elastic from Middy is extremely popular throughout Europe and is the choice of many of ..
MIDDY Hi-Viz Shockcore Hollow Elastic
Middy Hi-Viz Shock Core is one of the best elastics available on the market. Made from a special mix..
Middy Hook Tyer
A quality hook tyer made specially by Matchman for Saiko. Comes complete with full instruction leafl..
Middy KM-2 Hair-Rig Eyed Hooks
The KM,2 is an exceptionally strong beak,point hook, with an upturned eye for creating rigs with a h..
Middy KM-3 Carp Xtreme Eyed Hooks
The KM,3 is the ultimate strength pattern. It has a beak,point and upturned eye like the very popula..
Middy Meat Punch Set
These are ideal for when you're fishing the meat on commercial carp lakes. Three per packet. Sizes:..
Middy Method Feeder Rings & Links
These Rings and quick change Links are perfect for many rig set,ups especially for elasticated and i..
Middy Method Quick-Feeder Beads
These quick feeder beads from Middy are a translucent mud brown colour and have a soft rubber over s..
Middy No.1 Barbless Carp Pole Rig
Superb barbless pole rig from Middy. 0.24g Series 5 Carpbuster float and size 16 73-13 hook. Mainlin..
Middy No.5 Barbless Pellet Pole Rig
Superb barbless pole rig from Middy. 4x10 Series 1 Carpbuster float and size 14 83-13 hook. Mainline..
Middy No.6 Barbless Carp Pole Rig
Superb barbless pole rig from Middy. 0.3g PFSE In-Line float and size 16 73-13 hook. Mainline 0.14, ..
Middy Pellet Baggin' Float Stops
Top quality float stops from Middy. 30 per pack..
Middy Pellet Float Adaptors
Ideal for pellet wagglers where no shot-weights are required. Made with a fibre stem to keep the ada..
Middy Pole Float Sleeves
Quality micro bore silicone. 80 assorted pieces per packet. ..
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