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Kamasan Animal Hooks
Kamasan Animal Hooks are the ideal big fish and bagging up hook for carp, barbel, tench and chub etc..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B510 Spade End Crystal Barbless Hooks
With its classic crystal bend the B510 is an extremely safe shape for a barbless and provides a good..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B511 Spade End Wide Gape Whisker Barb Hooks
The B511 is made in a super high carbon fine wire in a nickel finish with a medium length shank and ..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B525 Eyed Whisker Barb Hooks
Made from a strong guage carbon wire the B525 has a minute whisker barb, An ideal maggot hook in the..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B611 X Strong Spade End Wide Gape Barbless Hooks
With its special wide bend and gape the B611 is ideal for carp on the pole, Suitable for a wide rang..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B711 X Strong Spade End Wide Gape Barbless Hooks
The B711 is contructed from an extra stong carbon wire in intermediate sizes, Being a dark bronze th..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B911 Barbless Hooks to Nylon
The barbless B911 design with its wide gape and long swept point is the ideal hook for landing hard ..
£2.50 £1.75
Kamasan B911 Eyed Barbless Hooks
The special bend, wide drop gape and long curved point of the B911 keep fish losses to an absolute m..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B911 F1 Spade End Barbless Hooks
This is a fine wire version of the classic B911 design which is absolutely perfect for silverfish, F..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B911 Spade End Barbless Hooks
The long curving swept point on the B911 provides a really good hook hold, This point in combination..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B960 Stillwater Eyed Barbless Hooks
The Stillwater Barbless is the perfect hook for mixed fisheries,It is fine enough for smaller specie..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B980 Specimen Eyed Barb Hooks
The ideal eyed specimen hook for a wide range of baits the B980 is produced from a medium guage of c..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B981 Specimen Eyed Barbless Hooks
This classic specimen pattern is the barbless version of the B980, Produced in a medium guage high c..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan B982 X Strong Specimen Eyed Barb Hooks
For many years the B980 has been considered the ideal eyed specimen hook, The B982 shares the same c..
£1.50 £1.05
Kamasan Barbel Maax
Exceptionally strong specimen hooks that are designed to hold on to those prime barbel specimens onc..
£3.49 £2.45
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