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Preston Innovations Bullet Feeder
Wired cage feeder designed for distance fishing with a shaped weight which allows the bait to releas..
£1.99 £1.39
Preston Innovations Wire Cage Feeder
Wired cage feeders with the weight moulded into the wire cage which stops potential tangles and allo..
£1.99 £1.39
Sonubaits Bait Booster
Available in seven highly attractive flavours, Krill & Squid, Banoffee, Pineapple & Coconut, Washed ..
£7.99 £5.59
Sonubaits Ian Russell's Original Pop Ups
The ‘Originals' Pop Up range was two-years in development before their release. Based on a number of..
£6.49 £4.54
Sonubaits Ian Russell's Original Wafters
These two-tone wafters feature incredible carp catching flavours such as Indian Spice, along with ne..
£6.99 £4.89
 Nash Metal Rig Rings
Zero glare metal rig rings available in 3 sizes, Zero glare metal rig rings for hairs, D loops, slid..
£3.69 £2.59
30Plus Big Fish Las-soo Pellet Rig - Micro-Barb
Las,soo rigs from 30Plus are a fantastic way of attaching hard pellets quickly without the need for ..
£2.30 £1.60
30Plus Big Fish Rig Hair Screw - Micro-Barb
Hair,Screw rigs from 30Plus are made with fluorocarbon hook links tied to a knotless knot, complete ..
£2.50 £1.75
30Plus Big Fish Rig Maggot/Particle - Micro Barbed
These Rigs have primarily been created for barbel and carp, They will, however, work for specimen br..
£2.50 £1.75
30Plus Big Slider Float - 10g
For when you want to suspend bigger baits. Tip colour may vary..
£2.99 £2.10
30PLUS Centium Hooker Controller - 15g
The unique shape of Kodex's Hooker controller floats provides super stability, while the special win..
£3.99 £2.79
30Plus Centium Marker Float Buoyancy Stems
These stems keep your line above weedy bottoms when marker fishing, but can also be used to present ..
£3.75 £2.65
30Plus Colorado Spinner Bait - 17g
30Plus spinner baits are irresistible to pike and are available in a range of assorted colours. Set ..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus Inline Oval Bubble Float
Bubble floats are effective and great fun to use with floating bread in the summer months, No weight..
£1.75 £1.25
30Plus Lead Core Leader
These leaders are pre-formed with loops at each end to make them easily attachable to your set-up, T..
£3.60 £2.50
30Plus Pellet Compacta
This special punch from 30Plus allows you to form 'bottle top cork' size lumps of compacted feeder p..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus Pike Power Lure & Spinner Links
These strong secure links facilitate quick interchangeability of lures, with their easy clip-on desi..
£1.60 £1.15
30Plus Pike Rig Swivels
High tensile strength matte-black size 8 pike rig swivels, with a high 59lb (27kg) breaking strain. ..
£1.60 £1.15
30Plus Predator Deadbait Sticks
When inserted into deadbaits, these high-buoyancy sticks will make them sit up on bottom, making you..
£3.99 £2.79
30Plus Round Bubble Float
Bubble floats are effective and great fun to use with floating bread in the summer months, No weight..
£1.89 £1.35
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