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30Plus Big Slider Float - 10g
For when you want to suspend bigger baits. Tip colour may vary..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus Colorado Spinner Bait - 17g
30Plus spinner baits are irresistible to pike and are available in a range of assorted colours. Set ..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus Pike Power Lure & Spinner Links
These strong secure links facilitate quick interchangeability of lures, with their easy clip-on desi..
£1.60 £1.15
30Plus Pike Rig Swivels
High tensile strength matte-black size 8 pike rig swivels, with a high 59lb (27kg) breaking strain. ..
£1.60 £1.15
30Plus Predator Deadbait Sticks
When inserted into deadbaits, these high-buoyancy sticks will make them sit up on bottom, making you..
£3.99 £2.79
30Plus Sunken Float
Two different diameter floats in each blister packet...
£2.50 £1.75
30Plus Vision Slider Float - 10g
Fully tubed down the centre, to allow a fully sliding rig set-up. Made using high buoyancy balsa. Ti..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus Willow Spinner Bait - 16g
30Plus spinner baits are irresistible to pike and are available in a range of assorted colours. Set ..
£2.99 £2.10
30Plus X-Strong Pike Treble Hooks: Barbed - Size 8
These X-Strong trebles hooks from are produced from high tensile strength 110 carbon, which means th..
£4.45 £3.15
Fox Ball Bob 32mm Medium
A universal float, very popular and versatile. Cylindrical 'bobber', primarily used for roving liveb..
£2.85 £2.00
Fox Fluted Slider 12g
Designed primarily with running water in mind, these fluted floats feature a unique tri-fin design w..
£3.05 £2.15
Fox In-Line Troller Float
Unique design trolling float that incorporates a shaped tube through the centre that locks the float..
£2.75 £1.95
Fox Kwik Change Deadbait Uni Trace
Featuring Fox Series 2XS treble and Series 1 single hook, this trace is particularly suited for sink..
£3.35 £2.35
Fox Kwik Change Egg Sinkers
The unique design of these egg sinkers which feature a finely machined side slot, allows the weight ..
£4.49 £3.15
Fox Kwik Change One Treble Trace
A simple to use ready to go one treble trace wire. Made from carbo flex wire using a Fox 2XS carbon ..
£2.85 £2.00
Fox Kwik Change Paternoster Trace
Professionally hand made twin treble trace manufactured from 30lb Carbo Flex Stainless Steel Wire, i..
£3.35 £2.35
Fox Kwik Change Twin Treble Trace
Fox Predator Kwik Change Twin Treble Professionally handmade trace manufactured from 30lb Carbo Flex..
£3.35 £2.35
Fox Livebait Slider 12g
Dumpy pear shape with the main buoyancy above the water to provide extra support for roving livebait..
£2.40 £1.69
Fox Paternoster Sunk Float
Pear shaped float designed to be used in conjunction with a sunk float paternoster rig which tethers..
£2.95 £2.10
Fox Predator Rigging Wire - 5m
Use in conjunction with bait poppers to make deadbaits buoyant in a variety of presentations. Soft a..
£4.59 £3.20
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