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Preston Innovations Bowl & Hoop - Large
Groundbait bowl with rigid hoop with OffBox knuckle for attaching to seatbox or platform legs, Once ..
£16.99 £11.89
Preston Innovations Butt Rest
Designed to hold the rod butt securely whether fishing in either horizontal or vertical (due to the..
£3.99 £2.79
Preston Innovations Dutch Feeder Rod Rest
The short Dutch Feeder Rod Rest is 60cm long and has been designed to offer excellent flexibility wh..
£11.99 £8.39
Preston Innovations Free Flow Rod Rest
High-sided rod rest on a FIXANGLE mechanism featuring a deep line groove allowing direct contact wit..
£5.99 £4.19
Preston Innovations Locking Pins
Replacement locking peg set for all X Boxes..
£3.99 £2.79
Preston Innovations OffBox 36 Keepnet Arm
The OffBox 36 Keepnet Arm is a versatile and efficient way of attaching kepenets and accessories, T..
£12.99 £9.10
Preston Innovations Total Control Pole Rest
The Total Control Pole Rest secures to the back legs of your seatbox providing an invaluable ‘..
£34.99 £24.49
Preston Innovations Tube Rod Rest
The soft rubber tube insert and high sides hold your rod securely in place even in the windiest cond..
£5.99 £4.19
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