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Anchor CAMO Shot 4 Division Dispenser
Double-Cut Camo Coated Shot Dispenser containing sizes SSG, SA, AAA, AB ..
£4.50 £3.15
Anchor Lead Styles 6 Division Dispenser - Small Sizes
Lead Styles in a 6 division dispenser, Sizes: 7 (0,01g), 8 (0,02g), 9 (0,03g), 10 (0,04g), 11 (0,05g..
£6.65 £4.65
Anchor Non-Toxic Styles 6 Division Dispenser - Large Sizes
Non-Toxic Styles in a 6 division dispenser, Sizes: 11 (0,05g), 14 (0,1g), 16 (0,15g), 18 (0,2g), 19 ..
£6.50 £4.55
Middy ProMatch 7 Micro Shot Dispenser
7 division super soft quality micro shot dispenser containing 6 sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11,12 and 13..
£5.99 £4.19
Middy Slot-Shot
Slot-Shot is an elongated hybrid of conventional round shot and styl weights, so it stays in-line an..
£1.99 £1.39
Middy Zincz Thick Cut Four Division Soft Mini Shots
mini elongated Shotz have a wide, grooved channel so that they will accommodate thicker line diamete..
£4.50 £3.15
Preston Innovations ICM In-Line Match Cube
The ICM Match Cube is great for any bomb and pellet or straight lead fishing, The 10g version makes ..
£3.25 £2.29
Preston Innovations In-line Match Cubes
As part of the Inter Change System the Inline Match Cubes allow the angler to alternate lead sizes w..
£3.25 £2.29
Preston Innovations Line Safe Plummets
A brand new concept in plummet design which eliminates any potential line damage when plumbing up, T..
£2.99 £2.10
Preston Innovations Line Through Olivettes
Streamlined dense alloy olivettes, with in-line construction fitted with a soft tube insert to prote..
£2.75 £1.95
Preston Innovations Method Feeder Flying Back Leads
When fishing up to islands and far bank features it can often be an advantage to pin down the line b..
£2.25 £1.59
Preston Innovations Shot Top Up
Preston Non-Toxic Shot is made from a soft dense alloy that is accurately calibrated for consistent ..
£2.25 £1.59
Preston Innovations Stotta
Developed to make the application of Stotz even easier, Designed to work with all sizes, the flat en..
£7.99 £5.59
Preston Innovations Stotz
Stotz are a hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work perfectly on fine ..
£1.99 £1.39
Preston Innovations Super Stotz
Super Stotz are designed to make your life easier when shotting heavier pole floats and fishing with..
£2.49 £1.75
Sensas Green Shot
Soft lead shot with a special green coating..
£2.50 £1.75
ZLT Extra Soft Shot Refills
Extra Soft Shot refills available in sizes No,10 to 3SSG..
£2.25 £1.59
ZLT Slot Shot - 4 Division
Elongated shot made from soft lead in a 4 division dispenser, Contains Sizes: 8,9,10 and 11,..
£3.95 £2.75
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