Avid Carp

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Avid Carp Back Leads
Complete with adjustable clips. Available in: 0.5oz/14g 1.1oz/31g 1.5oz/43g..
Avid Carp Bait Screws
The new Avid Bait Screws have been designed to make changing your hookbaits fast, simple and effecti..
Avid Carp Baiting Tools
The Avid range of tools boast ergonomic handles that make them extremely easy to use, as well as a c..
Avid Carp BoBBin Bite Indicator Clear
Specially designed to maximise the amount of light that emits from the bobbin head in daylight or wh..
Avid Carp Braided Hook Link 15lb
The Captive Braided Hooklink is perfect for anglers requiring a super-supple hooklink. Due to the su..
Avid Carp Braided Hook Link 20lb
The Pin Down Hooklink material is the most supple Hooklink you will ever use. Favoured by Solid PVA ..
Avid Carp Camo Air Dry Bag - Medium
A popular size for shorter sessions. Keeps your bait dry and aerated with free flowing camo mesh. Pe..
Avid Carp Chod Beads
The Chod Rig is one of the most popular carp fishing presentations around and Avid Carp Chod Beads a..
Avid Carp Corn Stops
Corn-Stops will add a vibrant colour sighter to almost any rig even Pop-Ups attracting more are more..
Avid Carp Drop-Off Stems
A purpose made item that when used with an Avid Groove Lead produces the perfect drop-off setup, Dro..
Avid Carp Flat Clips
Basically a lead clip that houses a Speed Link, rather than a swivel, It's designed for use with qui..
Avid Carp Floating Maize Stops
Maize stops boast the same advantages as a Corn Stops but in a larger size. This offers increased bu..
Avid Carp Hook Shot Kit
The kits allow you to create the effective shot on the hook rig, Slide the eye on the stem onto your..
Avid Carp In-Line Run Beads
Designed so you can use a running in-line lead in conjunction with quick-change Speed Links to make ..
Avid Carp Lok Down 2 Rod Fixed Buzz Bar
The Lok Down bankware range offers the user a brand-new type of Cam system, stronger and more durabl..
Avid Carp Lok Down 3 Rod Fixed Buzz Bar
The Lok down 3 Rod fixed Buzz Bars are available in four different sizes; 9 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch a..
Avid Carp Lok Down Bank Stick
The Lok Down bankware range offers the user a brand-new type of Cam system, stronger and more durabl..
Avid Carp Lok Down Stage Stand
The Avid Carp Stage Stand works by piercing your chosen wooden platform with a tooth, or screw, loca..
Avid Carp Maggot Stops
Buoyant imitation bait with stems in two different sizes to suit the length of the hair on your rig...
Avid Carp Marker Elastic
A bespoke, slimline elastic designed specifically for marking your line. This way, you can fish to y..
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