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Middy 63-13 Finesse Carp Spade Hooks
A fine guage hook that is incredibly strong for the guage of carbon steel, Specification:, Teflo..
Middy Adrenalin Plasma Additive - 50ml
Add adrenaline plasma to Method setups, or individually on pellets, corn, meat etc., to create an ir..
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Boulb Top
'A' grade soft balsa, boulb top float for high visibility while retaining sensitvity. A short float ..
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Insert Top
Self-cocking, lightweight balsa, insertt float with a slim Hi-Viz tip to allow for more sensitive pr..
Middy Baggin' Machine Waggler - Straight Top
Ideal for up-in-the-water fishing on commercials. Self-cocking, lightweight balsa, short float with ..
Middy Band 'Em Tool: Drill
Ideal tool for drilling hard pellet...
Middy Band 'Em Tool: Needle (Barbed-Spike)
Ideal tool for creating match pellet rigs with latex bands...
Middy Band 'Em Tool: Needle (Hook-Latch)
Ideal tool for creating match pellet rigs with latex bands...
Middy Bread Punch Set
Middy's bread punch set with a new improved design, There are four popular head sizes in the one pac..
Middy Carp Bait Bands
Micro bands that are easy to affix to your hook, Clear material with stretchy band to accommodate pe..
Middy Carp Bomb Insert
Loaded insert top crystal clear floats for distance fishing. Available in weight loadings of 2AAA, 3..
Middy Carp Bomb Waggler No.3 - Ld. 2SSG + 2BB
The ideal all-round straight waggler. They can be used on rivers but are perfect for use on carp lak..
Middy Dacron Connectors - 26-30 Purple
The perfect links for a Dacron connection set-up. The rubber bead is very soft and comes to a fine p..
MIDDY Diamond Elastic Threader
This is a super-tough and reliable elastic threader that will not easily kink, due to its hi-tensile..
Middy Fast-Stop Hair Attachments
Clever hair attachments for attaching baits quickly. You get ten clear, brown and yellow in a packet..
Middy Grande Stonka
Designed for fishing at extreme distances with a vane on the antenna to assist casting. The tip rema..
Middy Hair Bitz
A packet of mixed hair attachments for creating your own unique hooks to nylon or rigs, Includes; ba..
Middy Hair Carp Barbless
Middy 83-13 hook tied to Lo-viz fluorocrystal with hair, Use baiting needle to attach your bait, Use..
Middy Hi-Viz Elastic Protekta
Designed to protect your elastic when folding away top-kits and used by many elite match anglers. Si..
MIDDY Hi-Viz External PTFE Bush
These external bushes are individually machined from 100% PTFE rod. The wall is thin where it goes o..
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